Project Structure


LCSim is structured as a series of Maven modules whose artifacts are combined together into a runnable bin jar and a plugin for the JAS3 framework.

The current HEAD version or "trunk" of all modules can be found at this location:


The top level POM that builds all the modules is found here:


Every module in the project is referenced from that configuration, so Maven commands that are executed from the "trunk" directory will actually operate on every module unless the "--non-recursive" option is used.

This command run from "trunk" would build all the modules and execute the tests for them:

mvn clean install

Usually when bootstrapping the software, this is the only command that should need to be executed to get a working local copy of the application.


The distribution module is responsible for packaging all the jars together into a standalone runnable jar. It is referenced as a module in the primary POM described above so usually it does not need to be built seperately.

But when a local copy of one or more modules contains source code changes that are not in the SVN and therefore deployed to the remote repository via snapshots, the distribution module should be rebuilt in order to make a copy of the runnable bin jar that will contain these changes.

The distribution module is found here in SVN:


The standard 'mvn install' command can be used to both make the runnable bin jar as well as install your changes for JAS3 to load when it starts.

Parent POM Files

In order that each module need not include configuration information that is common to all of them, settings are kept in shared, parent POM files.

Most modules depend on the "lcsim-parent" artifact by including a section in their POM file such as:


Should modules be checked out individually, the parent POM usually needs to be installed manually so that the module can load its settings.

The parent POM is located here:


Additionally, for technical reasons, the parent POM itself has its own parent which contains information for the website. This is called "lcsim-site-parent" and it needs to be found by "lcsim-parent" when it builds.

The site-parent is found here:


Both of these modules can be built using the standard 'mvn install' command, and if installing manually, e.g. outside a full build of all modules, site-parent should be built before parent.


Most of the website configuration is found in this module:


The site POM file has its own list of modules that are included in the website. (Some are not because they have no attached source code.) This means that without the "--non-recursive" option, commands from the "site" directory will actually be run on each module as well as site itself, to produce the full website including the top LCSim project page as well as module sub-pages.

It is possible to build a complete local working copy of the site by executing a command such as this:

mvn site:site site:stage -Djava.awt.headless=true -DstagingDirectory=/work/scratch/site

Once this (rather long) build has completed, the URL "file:///work/scratch/site/index.html" should point to the top of the full LCSim website.