Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
parent parent POM file for lcsim modules
util miscellaneous utility classes
math math utilities
aida AIDA utilities
conditions runtime access to conditions and detector description data
detector-framework geometry and detector description framework (formerly GeomConverter)
event-model physics event packages including interfaces, base classes and LCIO implementation
event-processing physics event processing including Driver implementation and adapters to Freehep record framework
mc Monte Carlo packages including the MCFast event simulation
job-manager job manager allowing XML steering using a command line utility
tracking tracking including digitization package sisim and track finding with seedtracker
vertexing vertex reconstruction
event-heprep utilities for converting event classes to HepRep
recon-drivers recon drivers used in production steering files for SiD and CLiC
cal-recon calorimeter reconstruction tools such as clustering algorithms
cal-calib calorimeter calibration algorithms
trf trf track finding and ftf fitting packages
detector-data detector conditions data
analysis analysis code
users User code packages
steering-files LCSim XML steering file repository
distribution distribution package for generating the standalone runnable bin jar
plugin org.lcsim JAS3 Plugin