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HPS Java Maven Project

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
analysis common analysis code
conditions extensions to the org.lcsim conditions framework
crawler file crawler
datacat SRS data catalog utilities
detector-data detector conditions data including text based conditions and compact XML files
detector-model detector modeling code based on lcsim framework
distribution module for creating a standalone runnable bin jar for HPS Java
ecal-event-display ECAL event display
ecal-readout-sim MC readout simulation
ecal-recon ECAL reconstruction algorithms
evio EVIO utilities including EVIO to LCIO event builders
job job processing
logging global logging configuration
monitoring-util utility packages for online data monitoring
monitoring-drivers org.lcsim Drivers for using in the monitoring application
monitoring-app online monitoring application
plugin JAS3 Plugin
recon reconstruction algorithms
record-util record processing utilities for EVIO, LCIO and ET events
run-database interface to run database
steering-files org.lcsim XML steering file resources
tracking tracking reconstruction algorithms
util various utility classes
integration-tests integration test suite